Superfast Broadband Completion

13 August 2015 | Development Update

Superfast Broadband Completion

The Superfast Broadband installation to the Templefileds area of the Harlow Enterprise Zone is now complete.

In June 2014 phase 1 of this work was delivered, the saw the new saw made accessible to businesses along Rive Way up to and included Stort Mill. This week Phase 2 went live for businesses at the eastern end of River Way. As a result all businesses in the Templefields area of the Enterprise Zone now have access to the new service, providing download speeds of up to 80mb.

Superfast Essex, a partnership between BT and Essex County Council, has enabled the service to be provided. It also delivers one of the commitments made by the Government to businesses locating in an Enterprise Zone. As well as access to superfast broadband, businesses can also benefit from a relaxed planning regime and from business rate discounts.

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